The Evil Behind the Smiles

Slavery remains real in today's world. As this article discusses, slavery often appears in the form of forced prostitution in the third world. Last summer, our interns read about all types of slavery in the book "Not for Sale" by David Batstone. For persons interested in justice in today's world, the issue of global slavery is an issue that demands action.

But what can we do? Batstone gives several suggestions of organizations that are actually doing something about this problem. Their solutions range from researching the problem to police and government intervention, to providing jobs for persons rescued from slavery. Here are some links to their websites:

Anti-Slavery International
Children of the Night
Churches Alert to Sex Trafficking Across Europe
Coalition Against Trafficking in Women
Coalition to Abolish Slavery and Trafficking
Development and Education Program for Daughters and Communities
Florida Coalition Against Human Trafficking
International Justice Mission
La Strada International
Nightlight Design
Tiny Stars

We hope that you will take a moment and consider how you might take one or two steps in your own life to participate in the fight against slavery.